Swimming in the Deep End
The Count is Always Three
Fields of Fire
Factory Days
The Dunes in Winter
A Journey Await
Surviving the Riptide
The Hunt
The Secret Life Of
The Last Day of Summer
A Storm is Coming
We See What We Want
The Sea Never Sleeps
Ever Wakeful
The Recurring Dream
The Night Swim
I Am Blue Sky and Golden Light
Colored by Yesterdays
While We Sleep 1
While We Sleep 2
While We Sleep 3
Through The Rose Colored Lens
The Cloud and Water People
Feeling Aggressive
The Businessman's Lament
Learning to Float
Beyond The World of Ten Thousand Things
The Unspoken
" I See More Than You"
In Perfect Metre
" H is for Hate
The Holiday Party
The Companion
Face Off
All Work and No Play
Julian's Holiday
ALi the Greatest
Ode to Balthus
For Prince
4 Prince 2
Race and the American Swimming Pool
The Teenage Dream of Ever After
The Executive Waltz
Make the Best of What's Still Around
Don't get Left Behind
I Long to Know You're Real
Sheri and Henry (Snow Day)
Wabi-Sabi 2
Wabi-Sabi 1
The Subtle Sting of Microaggressions
Of Migrants and Refugees
What We Recall
The Karate Class
The Sunbathers, They Don't care
Tucson Madonna
Ode to Monet
The Important Papers
There is No Enemy (The Handshake)
Memories of My Youth
The Man Who Stood Among The Clouds
The Swimmers
Things That Make Me Sad
The Lifesaver 2
The Battle of Casual Friday
Musings on Friendship
The Fighter
The Pursuit of Happiness
The Governance of White Men
The Low Happening
The Plaza de Toros
The Fool Who Persists
Can You Hear Me When I Speak
Depressed Millionairess
Black Dog
Death of a Housefly
Emptiness (Moving day)
The Summer of Our Discontent 1
The Summer of Our Discontent 2
The Woman from Westlake
2 in the Afternoon
The Boss (El Jefe)
One Step Ahead
Rise of the One Percent
The Hipster Cometh
UFO Behind the Hedges
I don't Believe in Beetles
Army of One
Dancing Businessman
White Plastic Reindeer
Greed is Bad
Smartphone Blues
Smartphone Blues Alternate Take
Well Respected Man
Seated Woman
You Can Call Me on the Landline
Easy Breezy Cover Girl
Three Laws Safe
Pink Couch
Hello Kitty Yogurt Pop
Astro Boy
Where My Beez At?
Target Bag
The Coffee Incident
Push Up
Ode to a Waffle Fry
Army of One
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